$1.2BILLION Raised To Reconstruct Notre Dame While Children Are Starving

$1.2BILLION Raised To Reconstruct Notre Dame While Children Are Starving

Manu Feildel, the French chef and My Kitchen Rules judge took it to Instagram to express his shock at the absolutely staggering amount of money raised to rebuild the Notre Dame cathedral in the French capital.

Believe it or not, more than €750million (over $843million) was raised in the first 24 hours, and the chef described it as “incredibly disturbing”.

The 45-year-old shared a meme that has gone extremely popular in the recent days of the landmark cathedral next to a photo of starving children in Africa, by which he implies that the money could be much better spent – on actual people who desperately need it.

This is the photo he posted:

Most people in the comments supported Manu’s statement, and they agreed that the money could be better spent elsewhere.
One person wrote that they can’t believe they spend so much money on a structure, rather than spend it to help the poor.

Another person wrote that the fact that this came from a French man who is not blinded by the media makes us realize that there is hope in this world.

Manu, however, also received some criticism for his post, and some people asked the popular chef to donate some of his own money to the causes he cares about.

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