10 Sexist Microaggressions That Couples Should Watch Out For

10 Sexist Microaggressions That Couples Should Watch Out For

1. Men say that they “help” with house chores, as if they’re a guest in the house and “help” because they want to, and not because they share 50% of the responsibility.

2. Even though both of you have jobs, it’s the man that usually gives the “I’m too tired” excuse in order to avoid doing something in the house.

3. When the man appeals to his “ignorance” in some field and tells you that “you do it better than I do anyway”

4. You do the shopping for the home and for him, but he is incapable of buying you a single box of tampons.

5. When he cooks dinner and expects your eternal gratitude for it.

6. When you tell him that he has to help out more around the house, so he gets upset, acts like Wonder Man for a week, and goes back to doing nothing.

7. When he makes plans for both of you without consulting with you.

8. When he assumes that you’re available 100% of the time.

9. When it is expected for his career to be prioritized over yours. For example, if he gets a job in another country, it is expected of you to quit your job and leave behind your friends and everything else and go with him.

10. When he feels uncomfortable earning less money than you do.


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