10 Worst Things A Man Can Say To A Woman To Chip Away Her Self-Esteem

10 Worst Things A Man Can Say To A Woman To Chip Away Her Self-Esteem

There are many idiots out there that would say almost anything to a woman to get her into bed. We are not trying to point fingers at anyone, but we all have to be aware of the things we say and think about their implications.

Here is a list of things that women (especially the ones who identify as FEMINIST) are simply sick and tired of hearing…

1. “You’re not like the other girls”

It may sound flattering at first, but if you really think about it, he`s actually saying that other girls are lame and you are not. Well, he need to be reminded that most women don`t like putting other women down!

2. “Hey girl, I’m a feminist”

“Power is like being a lady… If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t” – Margaret Thatcher. It`s very simple – Real men feminists don`t need to constantly tell people they are feminists. Respecting a woman in every sense of the word is a good hint!

3.” Smile”

We are not here to boost your ego nor make your day! If you want me to smile than do something funny!

4. “You’re definitely the prettiest of all of your friends”

It may sound flattering for a second, but it`s actually kind of sexist. It`s OK to say “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” but this is not a beauty pageant and you can`t compliment one woman by putting other women down.

5. “I didn’t know you were smart”

So he didn’t think I was smart to begin with! Seems like I should be flattered that he was interested in me for my looks only! What an a-hole!


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