10-Year-Old Girl Asked To Send “Bare Breast” Photos To “Verify Her Age” On Gaming App

10-Year-Old Girl Asked To Send “Bare Breast” Photos To “Verify Her Age” On Gaming App

A 10-year-old girl has been asked to send a photo without her top in order to “verify her age” on a children’s cartoon app named Gacha Life.

The girl, Cahla McGarry, was playing on the dress-up amino game when she received a private message that requested her a photo of her “bare chest”.

The message told the girl that the group “is a safe place for girls under 14”, and that she would have to send a photo of her bare top in order to prove that she met the guidelines. The message told her that she would be “permanently banned” otherwise.

Thankfully, the girl’s mom, secondary school teacher Nicola McGarry, has strict parental controls on all of her daughter’s devices, and she regularly warns the girl of the potential dangers on the internet.

So, instead of replying to the message, the witty schoolgirl immediately showed it to her mom.

The mom says that she was scared, and it felt as if they had intruded into their home.
Even though it’s probably someone thousands of miles away, it felt like an intrusion into their privacy.

The girl wanted to chat with other players of the game and share her creations, so that’s why she joined a Gacha Life forum on the Amino app.

Amino is an app that is dedicated to fan groups, forums, and communities so people that share the same interests can connect.

A spokesperson for the Amino has since said that they have zero tolerance for inappropriate contact with minors, and report all similar incidents immediately.

The spokesperson said that keeping Amino safe is their top priority, and their team works 24/7 across seven languages to remove content and users that violate their policies.

Sending inappropriate imagery is forbidden on the app and such photos are automatically removed, so you can neither send nor receive such photos.

However, they noted that they’re unable to provide any information about this particular case, even though it has been reported to the police.


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