107-Year-Old Woman Says “Never Getting Married” Is The Reason She Is Still Around

107-Year-Old Woman Says “Never Getting Married” Is The Reason She Is Still Around

Louise Jean Signore is a 107-year-old woman from the Bronx, New York, and she recently joined over 100 guests to celebrate her birthday at Bartow Community Center.

Signore was born in 1912, the same year the Titanic collided with the iceberg, and she has been a Bronx resident for more than 90 years.
She still does her own shopping, has no cane or wheelchair, and the only tablets she takes are for blood pressure.

She believes that some good homemade Italian food and lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as avoiding soda or sweets, played a huge part in her longevity.
However, above all else, Signore says that the key factor that reduced the stress in her life and kept her alive was that she never got married.
She told CBS that she believes that’s the secret, and she revealed that her sister also wishes she never got married.

She told CBS that she didn’t understand why today was so special, because she has said that she’s had enough parties.

She also revealed that she exercises, dances, and she plays bingo after her lunch, so she has a full day.

Her long life hasn’t been without struggles, however.

Signore recently overcame pneumonia, and she’s legally blind as of recent.
She was lucky to survive a robbery and an assault aged 103, when she was knocked down, and the robber stole $35, two meals, a magnifying glass, and a pack of bingo cards.

However, she was determined that she won’t let that stop her, and here she is, celebrating her 107th birthday.

Besides her lifestyle, it appears that longevity runs in her family, because her Louise’s sister is 102-years-old.

Signore witnessed 18 presidents in the White House during her lifetime, two World Wards, TV being invented, and the world rapidly moving, all before her eyes.

Signore worked as an administrative assistant for New York’s public transport operators, and she retired in 1977, aged 65.

She believes that exercising throughout all her life has kept her young at heart, and she also adds that she swam every summer from the age of 9, and walked everywhere she could.


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