11 Kids Who Realized Their Moms Were Way Cooler Than Them

11 Kids Who Realized Their Moms Were Way Cooler Than Them

The chances are that most of us will become parents at some point in our lives.

Even though some of us won’t quite like the notion that we could share similarities with our uncool parents, the kids of the parents in the following photos are nothing but the opposite. I mean, these parents are so cool that their kids can only aspire to, and that’s why we believe you will love this collection. Check out the times when these kids realized their parents were way, way cooler than them, and feel free to share your similar story in the comments!

1. This veterinarian mom with her pet lion in 1959

2. This mom holding her baby while writing her master thesis on her Macintosh Classic II in 1991

3. This detective mom in 1980

4. This mom at an Allman Brothers Concert, smoking a cigarette with a broken arm

5. This mom at the police academy in 1984

6. This mom as a Red Cross volunteer in WWII, 1944

7. This pregnant mom trying to get home, May 1969, Berkeley

8. This mom at Spinning Records, Kwkh, Shreveport, 1977

9. This mom that fled Saigon in 1975 and had joined the US Air Force by the 90s

10. This mom in the 1970s

11. This mom after giving birth in Canada, 1978


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