11-Year-Old Girl Leaves Prom After Being Laugh At For Wearing a Suit

11-Year-Old Girl Leaves Prom After Being Laugh At For Wearing a Suit

Mischa Parker is a primary school student that left her prom in tears after she overheard comments from parents at the event, judging her outfit. Her mom was left extremely distressed at the cruelty of these people when she received the upsetting text from her daughter.

Namely, the 11-year-old student wore a smart black suit to the event with a matching bow tie at her prom at Fountain Primary School.

However, her night was ruined after she overheard some parents laughing at her outfit, calling her ‘suit girl’. Mischa bursted into tears when she heard the comments and asked her mom to pick her up early.

The 33-year-old mom said:

“I think it was an attack on her individuality, I work in mental health myself I just think it was really disgusting.
When I was 11 I had no idea who I was, but Mischa has always known who she is and what she likes. I’d taken her shopping the day before and she was really excited trying it on. She was a bit nervous hoping nobody laughed at her.
I just think that children should be allowed to express themselves – why should my daughter be made to feel bad about the way she likes to dress?
Why try and knock a child down for that?”

The mom noted that her daughter had purchased the suit at H&M on a special shopping trip, and she had to end up into the boys’ section to get her bow as it suited her a bit more.

The girl was excited for the party and the celebration of finishing primary school, especially after the tough year all students had.

The mom added that the girl had been knocked down recently confidence-wise, so it was a big thing for her to wear the suit, because she hates dresses and she’s not a ‘girly-girl’.

She also noted that all of her mates were saying that she looks amazing, but the cruel parents thought otherwise.

Tamara shared that Mischa is normally not very cuddle and doesn’t really show emotion, but she just burst into tears when her mom got to the prom and told her to take her home. The mom found out what happened after they got home, and she was left fuming at the rude remarks made by the other parents.

The mom now wants to raise awareness of what happened to her daughter and help prevent other children from being similarly hurt in the future.

“You expect it to be more the kids. If she had gone to prom in a dress she would’ve been uncomfortable, why should she not be happy?
I think she’s brave for being who she is. Be who you are and celebrate who you are, don’t be torn down for standing out.” – she concluded.

Source: mirror.co.uk


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