12 Warning Signs To Recognize The Evil Person In Your Life

12 Warning Signs To Recognize The Evil Person In Your Life

Even though there will always be something good to find in people, we all think that we know what evil is. But true evil will usually stay underneath and will seem like it is not there, carefully and intelligently hidden.

And even if you are the kind of person to look only for the good things in everyone, there are those genuinely evil people, who enjoy using whatever good is left in them for a harmful purpose.

If you get in the way of these people, they will manipulate you, use you and at the end throw you away, walking over your corpse without a single doubt.

If you spot some of these 12 warning signs in a person, be sure that they are ready whatever is left in them to use it against you!

1. They tend to deny the reality

These people will put their twisted ideals and statements against the facts, and they will fight with you about that. They will not agree with the reality, even if something is a fact and looks undeniable to you.

2. They will twist the facts in their favour

These people are ready to twist any fact that comes to them, if they do not agree with it and it not in their favour. They will create “alternative” facts that are a mashup of some things taken out of context, mixed with other things taken out of the concept. All for the sake of creating a story that is in their favour.

3. They will not provide you with ALL the information

Not telling everything is not lying, according to these people. They can withhold important information if they think it is necessary for their plan to work out. In the end, if you find out about it, they will turn the tables around and pretend they are the victim, and you are the one who doesn’t trust them.

4. They mislead people

If they want to provoke any emotion in you, they know how to use just the right words to do so. They will use some truth, and they will twist it in a way that it will make you feel attacked, hated, afraid or incompetent about something. Just by simply using words, they will create enemies inside your head and will make you feel like you are doing EVERYTHING wrong.

5. They lie constantly

They express themselves by lying. That’s just the way they think. If they have a thought about something, they spice it up a bit to make it juicier and in the end, to gain something out of it.

Sometimes, they even lie just for the “fun” of it, and if they are caught lying, they immediately think up a ton of other lies just to cover them up.

6. They show no sympathy for anyone

These people destroy everyone around them, and they don’t feel sorry for anyone. The best victims are the best people. Whatever weakness one shows, they will use just the right tools to crush him and take advantage of it.

7. They tend to avoid responsibilities

Their moral compass is not present, at all. Whatever pain they have caused, they never feel responsible for it, and even if some attack is going to hit them, they just avoid it by redirecting it to someone else. The word “sorry” doesn’t exist in their vocabulary, because it’s for the weak.

8. They manipulate in every situation

Their plan is always miles ahead, and their manipulation is always purposeful. You will be the one to make all the work they are incapable of doing, and at the end, all the credit will go to them.

9. They are good friends only when things go well

If you’ve come across such person, he/she was probably there when things were doing just fine, if not great. But when you needed support, somehow they were always busy doing something else and if they did try to “help” you, it was only because there was something for them in it as well.

10. They will steal your time when you need it the most

Do you have some kind of a deadline for work or school or some important event that you should attend? Of course, they are always there to mess you up and make you lose track of time and fail. Why? Because they can’t let anyone be better at them, and later they will enjoy it when you lose your mind in the hurry.

11. They live the life of a “double agent”

These people never show their real faces. Instead, they show you the face they want you to see, so saying they are living double lives is an understatement. They have an infinite number of faces, for the infinite number of people they come across.

12. They are the definition of “control freaks”

In order to hold the ropes all together, they must be in the position of controlling everything that happens around them. If someone gets in the way between you and them, they will immediately try to take over the control over you, because that’s where they get their powers.

Many of us possess some of these characteristics, but we can say that someone is truly evil if they have most of them combined. Don’t waste your time trying to change them, because they will not.

If you have any respect for yourself, just cut the ropes from their control bar. Stop being a marionette, and go on living your life surrounded by honest and trustworthy people


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