12-Year-Old Girl Told To Change Hairstyle If She Wants To Go To School

12-Year-Old Girl Told To Change Hairstyle If She Wants To Go To School

The 12-year-old Lil Rann absolutely loved her braided her extensions, and she had chosen the style to honor her Jamaican heritage.

However, the student was told by her school teacher that she would have to remove the extensions because they breach the school’s policy that says “no unnatural hair colors are allowed”.
Her dad has since hit out and says that Lily is proud of her roots. Her great-grandfather is thought to be the first black miner in her home town of Midsomer Norton, Somerset, but they had to agree to the policy so Lily would get back to her lessons.

Dad Chris is not happy with the school’s policy, though, and he said that it’s absolutely mad – especially at a time when there are much more important things to be doing.

The dad also noted that Lily had a really tough time with her mental health over lockdown, and the family doesn’t want her in isolation. He believes that the school is discriminating against his daughter, notably because of the fact that he informed the school of the new hairstyle before she went back to school lat week.

When she went in, though, she was told that she would have to go into isolation unless she changed her hair.

The dad and his partner had a meeting with the school, but the school had a firm stance on it and said that the extensions need to be dyed or removed.

The school’s headteacher told the Daily Mail that all they’ve asked is that the family removes the white synthetic hair, and they believe it has nothing to do with discrimination or racism or anything like that.


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