13 Things Women Still Can’t Buy “Thanks” To Men

13 Things Women Still Can’t Buy “Thanks” To Men

1. If you had a dream to clip your toenails, you can kiss it goodbye!

2. No tissues for you girl, hope you don`t catch a cold.

3. To all the women out there: Stay away from this cooking pan!

4. Don`t ever look at the top one!

5. Keep your eyes on the bottom one only!


6. For macho men!

7. Ribs are just too much of a meal for a woman to handle

8. Yes, clothes can sometimes be too heavy for a woman to lift them up and hang them using this hanger.

9. This!

10. The peppermint is just too strong for you ladies! Sorry.

11. You can`t handle the “Manmosa” so don`t even think about it!

12. Because women don`t play sports!

13. Find something else to wipe your but with!


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