14 Most Admirable Photos Of Women Resisting Around The Globe

14 Most Admirable Photos Of Women Resisting Around The Globe

The freedom of the people to assemble and resist is one of the essential parts of democracy, and because the policy agenda of the American president and administration are opposed by more than half of the country, The Resistance led by women has come to symbolize the opposition.

Women are a vital part of the resistance efforts in many countries around the world, from Chile to India to Canada to New Zealand, women can be seen on the front lines.

In honour of the International Women’s Month, we have some photos that will show you the power and beauty of women who are not scared to go out on the streets and have their say.

1. U.S.A

During a demonstration to protest Trump’s executive order to ban immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim countries, a woman is arrested by the police officers.

2. Chile

During the demonstration to demand free and quality education in Chile, a protester is detained by the police.

3. Canada

Women are protesting President Donald Trump in Canada

4. Mexico

Women are protesting against the actions of President Donald Trump in Mexico City with the sign ‘solidarity and action’

5. New Zealand

Thousands of people march up Queen Street in Auckland, New Zealand.

6. U.S.A

A child marching in the Women’s March in LA, California

7. Turkey

A woman waving Turkish and Free Syrian flags in Istanbul

8. Belgium

In the “lights for rights” protest, people protested for women’s rights during Trump’s inauguration speech.

9. Ecuador

Women in Ecuador are demanding justice for all women victims of gender crimes.

10. Poland

Thousands of people protesting in the General Woman Strike in response to the proposal to completely ban abortion in Poland

11. Costa Rica

Women in Costa Rica are protesting against the dismissal of a secretary who was breastfeeding by the deputy.

12. Ukraine

A woman shouts slogans during a mass rally in front of the Ukrainian Cabinet of the Ministers and the Parliament.

13. Spain

Riot police officers clash with demonstrators in Barcelona.

14. Macedonia

A bada$$ female protestor in front of the riot police in Skopje, Macedonia.


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