15 Photos About Pregnancy That Will Crack You Up For Days

15 Photos About Pregnancy That Will Crack You Up For Days

Bringing a child to this world is a blessing, but also a big responsibility. This time of the life is special for both future mother and father.

We decided to show you a number of photographs that capture the beauty but also funny side of what pregnancy is really about.

1. “My pregnant wife claims to have found the perfect onesie for our soon-to-be-born son.”

2. “My wife is pregnant (after 7 years of trying). We are both gamers so this is how we announced it”

3. “My mother wanted to know how far along was my wife in her pregnancy, so we send her this”

4. No questions asked

5. “I’m pregnant. My cat obviously thinks I grew a place for her to sit on”

6. So this is how we communicate now

7.  “My cousin is the cutest pregnant girl ever”

8. Food constantly disappears

9. “My pregnant wife practices baby skills on our puppy”

10. I’m afraid that one cake won’t be enough.

11. “My pregnant friend won the best costume award this year.”



14. “Someone’s enjoying the game today!”

15. “I’m fat, I’m pregnant, and I have no shame.”


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