14-Year-Old Schoolgirl “Humiliated” For Wearing Too Tight Trousers And Threatened With Isolation

14-Year-Old Schoolgirl “Humiliated” For Wearing Too Tight Trousers And Threatened With Isolation

Francesca Negus is a 14-year-old girl that was ordered to choose between being placed in isolation or agreeing to put on a replacement pair of “Bridget Jones” trousers from the school office.
The mother of the teenage girl says that her daughter was left humiliated at school because of school uniform trousers they claimed were too tight.

Teachers at Dereham Neatherd High School in Norfolk ruled that the teen’s trousers were too tight and broke the uniform rules. Mother Theresa Lee, however, said that Francesca’s trousers were perfectly appropriate and warned the school for making young women anxious over their body image.

The mother also pointed out that the replacement stretchy pair offered by the school was not tailored, which is in contravention of the school’s own uniform policy.

She added that if the school is so picky, maybe it should start providing the uniforms, because children are being punished for the way that their parents have interpreted the uniform policy.

She questioned why would the school chastise the students for something so minimal and meaningless, and she called the whole incident “pathetic”.

The mother also noted that she had a problem with her school skirt last year, because, like many girls, she is slim with long legs. She also questioned what the length of a skirt has to do with her ability to learn, but the way the teachers are dealing with it is degrading and humiliating and it just makes the girls more body-conscious.

The school’s headteacher, Christian Smith, said that the school uniform removes the daily question of what the students should wear to school every day, and allows children to focus on their education.

The statement comes after a protest took place last week outside Priory School in Lewes, Sussex, when the school banned girls in skirts from entering because it had introduced a “gender-neutral” uniform policy.
Girls protested because they wanted the right to wear skirts, and parents argued about the £110 cost of the new uniforms.


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