15 Compelling Drawings Show Women How To Fight Against Gender Discrimination

15 Compelling Drawings Show Women How To Fight Against Gender Discrimination

While some artists focus on creating beauty, there are others who want to make a difference.
This 30-year-old artist from Brazil is one of the latter, and she has been drawing illustrations about strong women and their struggles for more than 4 years.

Carol Rossetti says that she started drawing when she was a very young child, and she developed other artistic interests as she grew up, like acting and sculpting. They did not work that much, so she kept on drawing.

“I started working with illustration a couple of years after college. I created a page on Facebook to post a drawing every day, as a way for me to build up a portfolio and get better at drawing. Only my mom and a few friends followed my page back then, of course… But then came the Women project.” – she says.

Her project went absolutely viral back then, and she says that she wanted to start a dialogue about feminism with people from outside of the activist movements through the Women project.

“The messages in those illustrations are clear, easy to read and somehow comforting – but also very fast and very short. It’s not aimed at people who are already familiar with the concepts of body positivity, freedom of choice, LGBTQI pride, intersectionality, social equality and human rights. I mean, these people are always welcome to feel comforted and represented as well. But I wanted to start talking about feminism with my aunt, my grandmother, my mother, the women in my life who were scared of the word “feminism”. So it’s more like a call for a debate, an invitation to talk about how sexism affects our lives every day.”

She believes that the best part about drawing is to learn so much and know that her work has touched some people so deeply. She adds that she could never imagine that this would happen. When asked what the worst part of it is, she says that there’s only one bad side to all of it, and that is that you can get angry and aggressive backlash from conservatives when talking about feminism and human rights in general.

“Luckily, the love I got has always been greater than the hate.”

Check out some of the amazing illustrations drawn by Carol Rossetti below, and vote for your favorite ones in the comments!

















They are all wonderful and so TRUE!! I am hard pressed to pick just one <3

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