15 Times George Takei Was A Complete “Savage” On Twitter

15 Times George Takei Was A Complete “Savage” On Twitter

If you know anything about George Take that you are probably aware that he is practically a crusader against all forms of hate and discrimination.

George is a Star Trek icon that carved out his legacy as Captain Hikaru Sulu. At 29 years of age, he has found a new calling in life and with 10 million fans hanging over his every post, he`s one of the most “liked” people on Facebook and Social Media in general. Mr. Takei can be extremely humorous and resourceful when Internet trolls try to tackle him.

As both a gay man and a Japanese-American, George is also one of the most vocal spokesmen for LGBTQ rights and racial equality. Growing up during WWII he has seen his fair share of discrimination and that`s probably one of the main reasons why he fights against it fiercely.

Here are 15 brilliant but savage comebacks by George Takei:







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