16 Pointlessly Gendered Products That We Can`t Believe Are Real

16 Pointlessly Gendered Products That We Can`t Believe Are Real

The hotly debated topic of gender has been going on for quite some time. Some people find it great to have in-depth discussions about the injustices and social imbalances caused by the outdated gender norms, while others think that it is unnecessary and that it gets in the way of more important issues.

No matter where you stand on the myriad opinions and debates swirling around on the subject of gender, you will love this list we compiled.
Companies and their marketing departments have been manipulating us for years, using the gender stereotypes to make a quick buck, so we compiled a list of the most transparent and ridiculous examples.

1. Is it manly because it’s on a horseback?

2. She was not impressed when she saw this sign in Tesco

3. These books are in Harrods children’s section

4. Men and women need different kinds of toothpaste apparently

5. Man grenade bath plaster

6. How could women’s little hands possibly hold this bag for men?

7. The classic men and shoe binary

8. Either a boy or an apricot

9. Snacks are usually such a girly thing…

10. Who created this?

11. Because only men can handle a full box of 100 tablets

12. Mensize for men tears

13. As seen at NYU Bookstore

14. Errrm, what?

15. Okay than

16. Men’s umbrella, really?


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