16 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Rebuild Your Faith In Humanity

16 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Rebuild Your Faith In Humanity

People sometimes need a reminder that it’s not all bad in this world, and that’s when these images come in handy. Scroll down to check out what we are talking about!

1. This man buys turtles from the food market and he releases them back to the sea

2. This boy risked his life to save a baby deer from floodwaters in Bangladesh

3. He gave his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio De Janeiro

4. These guys cut the lawns for people that can’t do it themselves

5. This man takes his sick dog into the lake every evening because the water helps the dog’s pain to subside

6. Pakistani waiter feeding a homeless man that can’t use his hands

7. An officer in Brazil said during a protest that he doesn’t want the protesters to create an episode on his birthday. Moments later, they surprised him with this

8. Wendy’s employee removed the table umbrella to walk this elderly man to his car

9. Turkish groom and his bride spent their wedding day feeding 4,000 refugees

10. An officer holding their new family member

11. People working together to save the person that got stuck between the platform and the train

12. They surprised this homeless man with food and gifts

13. Japanese police officers helping this duck family to cross the street

14. The entire neighborhood is learning the sign language so they can surprise their deaf neighbor

15. A man turned this old truck into a shower for homeless people

16. This New York hair stylist gives free haircuts to the homeless every Sunday


I needed to see this. We need to see that there is good going on as well as what we are hearing most of the time.

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