22 Gut-Wrenching Illustrations Exposing The True Cruelty Of Our Society

22 Gut-Wrenching Illustrations Exposing The True Cruelty Of Our Society

When words can’t send the serious message into the hearts and minds of people, we need an alternative method to reach out to fellow humans. Whether they are young-adults or kids, or the senior citizens, there is the universal medium connecting everyone – the language of art. It often speaks out the underlining truth that we fail to understand.

We want to show you some drawings that will fascinate your ability to reconcile our contemporary society, and you can check out the list below.

1. Aren’t we all an example of this?

2. The destruction of oceans and the creatures living in it

3. RIP to all the fruits belonging to their trees

4. We lost our innocence in the attempt for a safer place

5. Growing up can be good and bad at the same time

6. Repetitiveness is a dangerous disease of mental health

7. The difference matters!

8. The circus has evolved


10. The solution is always there. You just need to give a closer look

11. Just an illustration of the water cycle

12. Modern-day Jesus

13. The effect divorce can have on children

14. Is it real humbleness?

15. Maybe the man is the ‘head of the family’, but the woman is the neck!

16. Capitalism illustrated perfectly

17. The pressure put on the kids is enormous nowadays

18. All they want is a good story

19. Poverty and hunger are real

21. The sacrifices made just to fit in



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