22-Year-Old Rugby Player Passed Away Just One Day After Marrying The Love Of His Life

22-Year-Old Rugby Player Passed Away Just One Day After Marrying The Love Of His Life

Rugby union player Navart Herbert, a terminally ill-dad, lost his life just a day after he married the love of his life in an emotional garden ceremony in front of their family and friends.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor nine months ago, and his condition deteriorated very quickly, with no chance of survival.

The rugby player and his partner Maia Falwasser were absolutely determined to get married, and they finally did it just a few hours before he was gone.

The guests were in tears as he held her hand and told her how much he loved her.

The video of the ceremony showed his groomsmen helping him out to get dressed before bringing him down in a wheelchair.

Maia wiped her tears away as she was walking down the aisle, and Herbert took her hand as she joined him under a canopy and told her that he loves her as she leaned down to hug him and kiss him.

Kryie, their young son, was also featured in the video.

People who watched the video online shared that they were brought to tears.

Family and friends performed an emotional haka for the couple following the ceremony at Gold Coast, Australia, as Herbert became emotional and teared up.

He lost his life on Tuesday night.

The video of their wedding was shared by his wife, Ms Falwasser, on a GoFundMe page set up to raise money to repatriate his body to New Zealand.

His final wish was to have his body rest in his hometown of Kotahitanga Marae.

Ms. Falwasser wrote on the GoFundMe page in her heartbreaking message that her heart is heavy and sad, as she lost her best friend, husband, and the father of their son.

Check out her emotional message for yourself below:

The fundraiser has raised over $90,000 within two days of being set up, and thousands of dollars have been donated by strangers.

Check out the heartbreaking video for yourself below:


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