24-Year-Old Woman Is Dating A Man More Than Twice Her Age And She ClaimsThey Couldn’t Be Happier

24-Year-Old Woman Is Dating A Man More Than Twice Her Age And She ClaimsThey Couldn’t Be Happier

We often hear the saying ‘Age is just a number’, and it’s certainly true for this couple with a 26-year age gap.

Matthew Taylor, 50, and Kaylee Hollister, 24, met each other online and immediately fell in love.
Despite their friends and Instagram followers have negative comments about their relationship, and some even branded Matthew a pedophile, the couple says that they couldn’t be happier.

Matthew, an IT administrator, and an artist says that he was attracted by Kaylee’s ‘confidence and poise and also her honesty’.
His girlfriend is a jewelry designer and a bartender, and she says that she was ‘instantly attracted’ to Matthew and they have ‘insane chemistry’.
They initially met on Facebook via the ‘friend suggestion’ feature and chatted for several months. Matthew first saw Kaylee as an online pal.

“She was young and involved and had a kid with someone, so I had no aspirations for her at that time. I found her attractive — what man wouldn’t? — but I never had any ideas that we’d be anything more than casual acquaintances with shared interests.” – he says.

However, when the pair attended the same local gig, fate intervened.

Matthew recounted that he was there and he was standing next to a couple of friends watching a band play, when he got a feeling telling him to look right.

“There she was! I actually felt her walk into the room!
I walked over to her, said “Hi!” and we started talking.
I was fascinated with her. Her bright smile, her dark hair, her light demeanor. We talked about our mutual interests and seemed to enjoy each other’s company very much. We spent about the next hour hanging out and talking to each other and other mutual friends.” – he adds.

She was equally smitten, and she says that it was on their first meeting in their lives that they both knew they would be in each other’s lives.

Kaylee messaged Matthew after the gig, and they became inseparable soon. She was drawn to his perceptiveness, intelligence, and ‘the fact that he is unconditionally himself’.
Not everyone has been as thrilled about their relationship as themselves, though. Some people have called the 50-year-old a pedophile, while others have accused Kaylee of having ‘daddy issues’.

Matthew says that he is actually thankful for these comments because they came from people he believed were his friends. Now it has become clear that they aren’t, so he was able to cut them off.
He calls these accusations ‘invalid and irrelevant’, but he wants to add that ‘she is an adult in her twenties with a child’.

Kaylee also says that the negative comments don’t bother her much.

“I’ve had younger guys say things to me in some sad attempt at making themselves look better, or women telling me that “I must have had daddy issues” in order to be this way. But what I take from it is that happy couples are a pretty rare thing because people are so shallow and that some people will try to pull the good energy out of those that radiate.” – she says.

The couple’s families are now close, but it wasn’t the case from the beginning. Kaylee’s mother initially struggled to accept the fact that her daughter’s boyfriend is 50, and she wanted to make sure that Kaylee is safe and secure with this person.

The couple is now planning to move in together with Matthew’s two children aged 14 and 16, and Kaylee’s 2 and a half-year-old son.
Neither of them is interested in having any more children, but they both say that they satisfy each other’s needs perfectly, and the s*x is amazing.


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