30 Under 30 “Middle-Aged People” Success Stories The World Needs To Hear

30 Under 30 “Middle-Aged People” Success Stories The World Needs To Hear

Melissa Hunter is a writer and a TV producer that recently decided to write on Twitter about a particular phenomenon that is seen a lot in media, especially in recent years. It’s about the so-called “30 Under 30” lists, where people are constantly told about the amazing 20-something-olds that have accomplished some amazing things in their lives in their mid-twenties.

And while we don’t want to disregard any of the success that these young people have accomplished, no one really asks how rich their parents were. Even though Hunter is fairly young, she’s sick of these sorts of stories, and she tweeted that instead of 30 Under 30 and NextGen lists, media should profile middle-aged people who just got their big breaks at the end of 2020. She added that she wants to read about a mother of 2 who published her first novel, or about a director that released their first studio feature at 47 – because that’s much closer to reality.

Hunter’s tweet went viral, and many people started sharing all of the things they’ve managed to accomplish after they turned 30, in addition to creating and taking care of their families.
To add to that, even people who haven’t necessarily done things that are considered “measurable markers of success” have been all around the world, changed their career, or found new and inspiring projects to light up their days. What we should all remember is that life doesn’t end at 30!














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