42 Year Age Gap Couple Plans To Get Married Despite “Nasty” Comments

42 Year Age Gap Couple Plans To Get Married Despite “Nasty” Comments

Nigel Thorpe is a 61-year-old man who has so far enjoyed his three-year relationship with his 42-year younger girlfriend Urszula Grzelak, 19.

The sales associate Nigel first met student Ursula in Oxford when she visited family in the UK from Poland back in 2016, and they were instantly drawn to each other.

Urszula’s aunt was having problems with her niece’s relationship with Nigel just two weeks into her stay, and she demanded that the couple stays at Nigel’s.
Their attraction only grew more since then, and Urszula said that she felt very enthusiastic and full of positive energy when she realized that she was falling in love with him.
Their bond only strengthened when they discovered their mutual love for metal music.

However, even though their feeling has been mutual, the couple hasn’t had the easiest of times. Urszula explained that as soon as she told her parents, they got mad at her and tried to cut her off from Nigel, but in the end they weren’t successful.

Her parents now fully accept the relationship, but the couple still often faces very “nasty comments” from the public who seems unaccepting of their age gap.

Urszula decided to move out from Poland and live with Nigel when she finished high school, and the only real difficulties have arisen due to people’s opinions and actions about their relationship. Many people describe their relationship as “sick” and “controversial”, and they make nasty comments and stare at them.

So, despite all the negativity, the couple maintains their strong bond and they plan to get married in the future.


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