45-Year Age Gap Couple Have Their First Child And Decide To Not Hide Their Love

45-Year Age Gap Couple Have Their First Child And Decide To Not Hide Their Love

Stefani Walper is a 25-year-old woman from Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada, and she’s been in a relationship with her 70-year-old husband Don for five years. The two have a two-year-old son named Lachlan, and they met at the bar Stefani works at, when Don came in to drink with his friends. The two have defended their relationship, even though there’s a 45-year age gap, and they’re asking the world why should they have to hide their love.

Stefani told The Mirror that she loved Don the second she saw his face, and it was very weird because everyone kept telling her that he’s like 30 years older than her. She, however, thought that he was very handsome, and it just made her very happy every time he came in.

Don eventually asked Stefani out for drinks, and they’ve been together ever since.
She, however, was just 20 when she first met Done, and he’s the same age as her late father. She said that most of her family have been unhappy about the unusual match, and neither her mom nor her dad have been fans of Don, especially not her brother. She shared that her family thought she was making a huge mistake and she got herself into a situation, but by the time the two got married a year and a half ago, Stefani’s family had warmed to Don.
The couple admits, though, that they still get weird looks by strangers in public, and Don said that most people assume that Lachlan is his grandson when he takes him for a walk or something.

The couple refuses to let anyone’s judgment hold them back, and Stefani added that they choose not to hide their relationship.
She noted that people always told her that “they’ll pray for her” because they thought she’s in a really scary situation and that she’s in a toxic relationship, but she completely disagrees with that. She said that he brings her home flowers and puts cute sticky notes on her mirror.

Don also believes they shouldn’t worry about anything else than each other and their son, and he added that he doesn’t think they should prove it to anyone. According to him, they just need to live their life the best they can, and raise their son the best they can.


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