450-Pound Woman’s “Feeder” Fiance Feeds Her 10,000 Calories A Day So She Can Gain More Weight

450-Pound Woman’s “Feeder” Fiance Feeds Her 10,000 Calories A Day So She Can Gain More Weight

Jessica Wilson is a 32 stone woman that opened up about how she is set to marry the man who encourages her to eat more than 10,000 calories a day.
She was looking for someone to become her “feeder”, and it was then when she met Eric Buddenhagen, a man that was interested in finding a “larger woman that he could overfeed”. The 26-year-old Jessica met the 34-year-old Eric for their first date in August 2019, and they ate pizza, watched movies and played video games together on the date. She told him that her dream was to put on a further 10 stone and reach her “goal weight” of 42 stone.

Just a month after they started dating, they had their regular “stuffing” dates in which Jessica would eat up to 10,000 calories with his encouragement. Eric proposed to her in December when he hid the ring in an ice-cream, and now they both hope to achieve her goal weight and get married this year.
Jessica said that they met on a website that is for people in the feeder community, and even though she was initially looking just for a feeder, she never expected to find a fiance.

When the two finally met in real life, it was “love at first sight”.

Jessica eats “only” 5,000 calories on a normal day, but on a stuffing day, which happens twice a week, she can eat up to 10,000 calories.

She revealed that Eric would take her to a buffet on a stuffing day and order her different foods throughout the day to see her stomach get big. While she’s eating, he would rub her belly and give her words of encouragement.

Jessica said that she and her fiance have completely different bodies, as her fiance is 6ft 1in and 190 pounds, while she’s 5ft 5in and 450 pounds. However, he finds her body and her belly “hot”, and she claims that, despite her weight, she’s, in fact, healthy and she takes measures to ensure that she’s not putting herself at risk.

She said that every doctor she has ever visited was shocked about how healthy she truly is, and her blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar are all well within the healthy ranges. She added that it does aggravate her that people always associate fat with unhealthy, because that’s not always the case.

She walks every day, eats a lot of vegetables and fruits, and she takes her multi-vitamins.
To add to that, she has a culinary arts degree, so she absolutely loves to cook, and she spends a lot of time in the kitchen making amazing meals for herself and her fiance.


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