5 Relationship Stereotypes That You Need To Ignore

5 Relationship Stereotypes That You Need To Ignore

It’s very difficult to determine what’s true or not about relationships because so much has been written throughout the years. That’s why we gathered some stereotypes regarding relationships that you can immediately discard.

1. There must be passion at the beginning

Relationships in the movies are so different than in real life. Not all of them must begin with incredible infatuation. It’s worth paying attention to the sense of security and comfort you feel with some person because they are much more important for a strong relationship.

2. Happy partners share the same interests

This is simply not possible, and not true! Each individual person has their own individual interests and hobbies. Your personal interests are maybe the reason your partner finds you attractive, and there is the possibility that if you share the same interests and hobbies, you will eventually get bored of each other.

3. Happy couples never fight

People who never fight probably just don’t care. If a couple doesn’t have troubles, they are probably on their way to a breakup. Not that foul language and abuse are OK, but small fights with your partner shouldn’t worry you. You learn to understand your partner better with them, and the making up later is really nice.

4. Happy partners adore each other’s relatives and friends

You can’t expect your partner to unconditionally love your friends and family, and you also don’t have to love his family. You chose each other for the relationship, not the whole crew.

5. Happy couples are ALWAYS together

It’s an illusion that happy couples are never apart. Every person wants to spend some time alone sooner or later, and if the union is harmonious, the partners understand this and give each other personal space calmly.


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