5 Situations In Which Cutting Ties With Family Members Is OK

5 Situations In Which Cutting Ties With Family Members Is OK

Your family ties are believed to be the strongest bonds you will have in your live, and whether it is your family by blood or by choice, you expect never to get hurt by these people.
However, the reality is that some family members can become so toxic that they have nothing but bad influence in your life, and sometimes breaking bonds with some relatives might be the right choice.

Don’t think that breaking bonds will relatives is OK? Scroll down to check out these situations and maybe they will change your mind.

They turn to you only when they need something.

1. Your relatives turn to you only when they need something

There are some family members that appear only when they need something from you and they believe they can benefit or gain from you. However, once that task is complete, they disappear from your life until they need you again.

2. They judge you for who you are

Some criticism may be good, but being judged by the people close to you may seriously decrease your self-esteem, and it means that it’s time for you to eliminate these people from your life.

3. They gossip about you

Even though our families are supposed to be people that we can share our deepest secrets and look for a piece of honest advice, if your family spreads this information further and gossip about you with other family members or other people, we believe you should terminate them from your life.

4. Your family keeps reminding you of your past

Or, in other words, they keep reminding you about things you’ve done in the past which you want to forget or keep a secret.

5. They often make you feel helpless

This is a manipulating technique that is often used by toxic people and it’s called gaslighting.
People that use it aim to make their victims feel incompetent, unskilled, and even question their sanity.
If you ever feel like this is something that happens with you when communicating when family members, feel free to cut the ties with them immediately.


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