6 Pieces Of Bad Relationship Advice You Should Avoid At All Cause

6 Pieces Of Bad Relationship Advice You Should Avoid At All Cause

Family and friends have usually good intentions towards you, but they can often spoil your relationship by giving bad advice out of jealousy, and sometimes even the most sincere words can have a very negative effect on your relationship.

We wanted to show you what kind of advice psychologists recommend avoiding if you want your relationship to last longer and to be healthier.

1. “You should find someone better for yourself”

If you only want a personal profit of your relationship, then maybe you are on the wrong track. Profit-seeking can destroy a really happy relationship or marriage, or give you a life that doesn’t bring any happiness.

2. ” Don’t let them push you around! Show them who’s the boss.”

Love partners have different fields of responsibility in the relationship, so it’s normal for someone to take the leading role from time to time. Mutual understanding and respect of the partners is the key to a happy marriage or relationship.

3. “Demand him to be romantic”

The romantic period in the relationship passes after some time, and partners can’t live in a romantic comedy forever. You can’t demand your partner to act like you’re on a honeymoon all the time.

4. “Don’t make it worse! Stay quiet.”

Conflicts are impossible to avoid in a relationship, but if you keep quiet about the things that bother you, they will eventually break off one day and possibly end your relationship.

5. “Just read their chat. You have the right!”

Reading personal chats, making intrusive calls and tracking locations is considered to be the first step towards abusive behaviour in a family. It’s an interference in your partner’s personal life, and you should never listen to this kind of advice.

6. “Look at me and learn”

It may work with kids, but not with your love partner. You shouldn’t repeat someone else’s behaviour, and you should never look at other families and relationships when you have difficulties in yours.



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