6-Year-Old Designs The Best T-Shirt For His First Day Of School

6-Year-Old Designs The Best T-Shirt For His First Day Of School

Nikki Rajahn is a mom from Fayette County, Georgia, who runs a custom personalization business.
She recently asked her 6-year-old son Blake Rajahn what kind of a t-shirt he wanted for his first day of school in first grade, and he could choose anything, from his favorite sports star, a dragon, a witty saying, absolutely anything.

Blake, however, chose something very unexpected.
He choose a simple orange t-shirt with a very simple, yet very sweet and powerful message for the other kids at his school to see.

The message consists of just five little words:

“I will be your friend.”

Is your heart melting yet?

This is what the mom shared on her Facebook page:

The mom shares that such a gesture is typical of Blake, and she told Upworthy that he has always had a heart for others and is a very genuine boy.

She also shared that she’s donating a part of the proceeds of her t-shirt sales to the Real Life Center, an organization that helps families in need in Tyrone, Georgia.

The mom also added that many people have been encouraged by the boy, and they started ordering their own version of the t-shirt with #blakesfriends added to it.

Sometimes all we need is a friend, and Blake is an example even adults can learn from. If people reached out to people who are shy or maybe feel excluded more, we could build a much better world.


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