7 Things The Color Of Your Period Says About Your Health

7 Things The Color Of Your Period Says About Your Health

Period (and period blood) are slowly becoming less of a taboo in the society. The colour of your period blood might save you from some very dangerous conditions, like you will see below.

Scroll down to see what your period blood colour can tell you about your health, and how to deal with it.

7. Pink-ish colour

If your period blood is pink-ish coloured, it may signify low estrogen levels. Playing sports (especially running) may cause the estrogen levels to drop, but it’s something to watch out because some studies show that low estrogen levels have a connection with osteoporosis later in life.

6. Watery

Super-light-pink or even without colour menstrual blood means that you are either nutrient-deficient or you could potentially have ovarian cancer. Don’t get too nervous though, because fallopian-tube-cancer takes less than 2% of all gynaecological cancers.

5. Dark brown

Dark red or dark brown colour of your menstrual blood may mean that some of the “old blood” has been sitting in your uterus for a long time. It is considered to be a normal thing.

4. Thick and looks like jam with clots

Jam-like blood with dark red clots means that your progesterone levels are low and your estrogen levels are high. It’s nothing to worry about.

3. Grey-reddish mix

The grey-reddish mix may mean two things: it can be a signal for an STD/STI infection, and if you are pregnant, it may mean an early miscarriage.

2. Cranberry-red

If your menstrual blood is coloured cranberry-red, it is considered to be normal and healthy.

1. Orange

Orange menstrual blood means that you have an infection. Bad odour and severe pains will accompany it if it’s an STD/STI infection.


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