73-Year-Old Lady Shares Her Inspirational Fitness Journey

73-Year-Old Lady Shares Her Inspirational Fitness Journey

Joan MacDonald is a 73-year-old woman from Ontario, Canada who is a living example of the saying that it’s never too late to better your life.
She decided to take matters into her own hands when her doctors told her that she will have to up her medication dosages if she continues with her lifestyle, and she’s now posing for fitness magazine covers.

Joan is popular on social media, being followed by more than 400k people on Instagram, and she recently shared the story of her journey in a viral post.

What a lady!

Credit: Instagram

Heather Lennox

You are a total inspiration to me!

WOW! you look amazing! Great job! Congratulations!

Look fabulous! How did you do it? What kind of exercises?

You look great

Please share how you accomplished this transformation. I am 73 years old and my body looks like your before pictures. I’ve been married for 53 years this coming June and my husband would be so happy if I could do what you have done! So happy for you! You look absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

I am a little skeptical and thinking these pics may be photoshopped. I know we all have the choice to change but at her age, and past history, I just don’t think it’s possible to achiever these results to that degree. Maybe it was hormones because menopause changes where we store fat and more. I don’t mean to discourage anyone but I wouldn’t expect these kind of results. Make the choice to look and feel the best YOU can!

Hello, keep it positive!!!! Everyones’ body structure is different. And by different researches I’ve seen and been through, it is possible for her/you to accomplish those changes. If a person is determined, focused, and stays on the set routine of nutrition, diet, rest, and exercise, you can do anything. That’s called “Old School” determination. Don’t hate, just get on the good foot and do what you can do to stay, look, and feel happy……. Congrats to you, you look good, (No one foot half in the grave for you)!!

This is an unreal story and 100% inspirational! We will be getting in touch with June to see whether she would talk to us in more detail about the mental side of her motivation!

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