8 Absurd Rules Nurses Had To Follow In The Late 19th Century

8 Absurd Rules Nurses Had To Follow In The Late 19th Century

Everyone that has ever been in a hospital is aware of just how much hospitals rely on highly-trained and well-organized nurses to keep the operation running smoothly. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are currently more than 3.2 million nurses in the U.S. alone. However, what many people don’t know or fail to realize is that most of these highly-trained professionals are severely overworked and underpaid.
It’s really hard to argue that nurses are not enough compensated for their work, and it seems like it has always been like this for nurses.

We present you with 8 incredibly unfair and rather absurd rules nurses had to follow in 1887, and even though things are not as bad for nurses today, we can still do a lot more to show our appreciation for these workers that are saving lives every day, and their work often goes unnoticed.

1. Nurses had to sweep and mop the floors of patient’s wards daily, and dust the patient’s furniture

2. Nurses had to maintain the temperature in the ward even throughout the whole day by bringing a scuttle of coal

3. Nurses had to fill kerosene lamps, clean chimneys, and trim wicks daily to keep the light on

4. Nurses had to keep notes for the patients’ condition in order to aid the physicians

5. Each nurse on duty had to report every day at 7 AM, and leave at 8 PM

6. Graduate nurses could be given an evening off each week for courting purposes or two evenings a week so they could go to church

7. Any nurse that will be seen smoking, drinking liquor in any form, getting her hair done at a beauty shop, or even going to dance halls frequently would be suspected her worth and integrity by the director of nurses

8. Nurses who would perform their labors and serve their patients and doctors faithfully for more than 5 years would be given an increase of 5 cents by the hospital administration


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