8 Easy And Stylish DIYs To Organize Your Home

8 Easy And Stylish DIYs To Organize Your Home

Are you tired of struggling with storage space and organization?

Or you just need a way to stop losing your keys once and for all?

Well, we may have the solution for you. These DIY decor hacks will make your life easier, and you will wonder how did you live without them for so long.
They’re easy, cheap, and will solve many home “problems”.

These DIY pegboards will give you additional space for vases, mirrors, plants, frames – you name it. They will also warm up your space with the giant wooden wall covering.

This DIY ladder is not only functional, but it also has all the cool industrial vibes. Oh, and it’s the perfect place to store towels, hats, or some hanging plants.

Who needs a china cabinet, when you can have this minimalistic DIY A-frame ladder shelves. They look great, right?

This Fake A Linen Closet will make up for the lack of linen closet space in your bathroom, and it’s the perfect place to fold some extra towels and washcloths.

Labeling your kitchen bottles of oil and vinegar with your favorite font will not only make them stand out on your counter, but they will also fit your decor.

These bottles were made using transfer sheets and a Circut Explore.

This colorful wood slice key holder will make you never forget your keys again. Just paint the front of wood in bold and vivid colors, and it will also be a great decoration for your hall.

The phone hanger will help you with your disorganized mess around the charging station.
What you need to do is turn a bottle of baby lotion around, and you get a holder that hangs from the charged. Everything is in one place, and it’s way more organized than a jumble of cables.
Tutorial: Make It & Love It.

We’ve all been there. Which key is for the backdoor again? And which one is for the garage? We’ve got a simple solution: Just paint each key with a different color using nail polish, and you will easily differentiate them.


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