8 Hollywood Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Were Raised By LGBTQ Parents

8 Hollywood Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Were Raised By LGBTQ Parents

Becoming a successful child doesn’t have to do anything with being raised up in a nuclear family, as many people believe, and today we have a few examples of Hollywood stars who grew up in unconventional types of families and they grew up to be super-successful.

Check out our list of celebrities who were raised by LGBTQ parents that prove that it absolutely doesn’t matter what orientation your parents are, as long as they love you and support you.

8. Mandy Moore

Many Moore’s parents divorced after being together for 30 years, and her mom Stacy Moore-Friedman started a new life with female tennis player Claudette Laliberte. Mandy is very supportive of her mom’s lifestyle.

7. Amy Adams

Amy’s parents divorced when she was 11 and her mother Kathryn moved in with a woman.

6. Robert De Niro

De Niro Sr. came out as gay publicly in 1944, and he had a relationship with poet Robert Duncan.
Robert De Niro Jr. later made a documentary about his father’s life.

5. 50 Cent

50 Cent has said it himself that he was raised by his mother who was a lesbian. Sadly, she left this world when he was only 8 years old, and he went to live with his grandparents.

4. Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli’s father Vincente Minnelli was openly gay when he lived in New York, but he decided to keep his personal life very private when he moved to Hollywood.

3. Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster was raised by 2 mothers, Evelyn Foster and her partner Jo.

2. Jay Z

Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter, came out as a lesbian in 2017. Jay was very happy about her, and he confessed that he cried when he realized that she had to hide it for so long.

1. Kendall and Kylie Jenner

As you probably already know, Kendall and Kylie’s father, Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner publicly came out as Caitlyn Jenner in 2015 and went through a gender transition.


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