8-months Pregnant Woman’s Brave Response To A Man Who Refused To Move His Bag Is Going Viral

8-months Pregnant Woman’s Brave Response To A Man Who Refused To Move His Bag Is Going Viral

Most people think that offering your seat to a pregnant woman on a crowded public transport is the right thing to do.
Expectant mother Brydie Lee-Kennedy, an Australian TV writer living in London, was in a pretty awkward situation when a commuter refused to move his bag from the seat so she could sit down.

She is eight-months-pregnant and said that she ended up sitting on his hand and bag after he refused to move his belongings from the seat next to him.

She wrote about the encounter on her Twitter profile:

Well it finally happened in my 8th month of pregnancy. I just sat on a man’s hand and bag when he wouldn’t move them off the last spare seat on the bus. We’re now sharing a very quiet ride.”

She compared the situation to the Hunger Games movie:

“I wonder what it’s like to live somewhere with a less Hunger Games spirit on public transport,”

More than 170,000 people have liked her tweet since, and many other expectant mothers shared their public transport issues:

One mother tweeted:

“When I was seven months pregnant, a guy literally shoved me aside to race past me to the last seat. Spent the next four stops finding various ways of calling him a c*** to his face. He said “Is that how you’ll talk to your kid?” I said “No, because he won’t be a c*** like you”

Another one added:

“I told a man when I was eight months pregnant that I was going to give birth on his feet if he didn’t let me sit down on the bus. He got up. And way to go for doing that.”

One posted:

“When I was about four months pregnant I asked a man if I could have his seat on the train and I felt really sick as I was pregnant. He said “well, you want equality, you can stand” I threw up on him. And his newspaper. And his laptop bag. The look of shock on his face was gratifying.”


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