9 Extraordinary Women Over The Age Of 50 Who Will Encourage You To Start Working On Yourself

9 Extraordinary Women Over The Age Of 50 Who Will Encourage You To Start Working On Yourself

Keeping a good physical shape may not be a priority for most, especially after a certain age. Sometimes looking good is just a side effect in our quest for internal harmony, high level of discipline, hard work, positive vibes and health. It’s very simple, in order to take care of the ones we love, we have to first take care of ourselves.

These 9 women deserve our respect not only because they are in great shape, but because of their endurance, the hardship they`ve gone through and because they`ve put a lot of hard work to be where they are.

Our number one spot is reserved for a very extraordinary woman, she is definitely a nice surprise.

9. Yolanda Hadid, 54 years old

Despite her now glamorous life, the mother of Bella and Gigi Hadid, has had a very difficult life, especially when she was a child. She has faced few serious illnesses and a really hard divorce. Despite everything she has managed to find harmony with the world and the strength to go through all the trouble because she had only one goal: raising her children.

8. Sharron Davis, 55 years old

Sharron Davis is an Olympic silver medalist!

“I often hear that with age the metabolism slows down. For me personally, it’s like what was first — the chicken or the egg? If you change your lifestyle and live a passive life, then your metabolism will naturally slow down. Stay active, and move a lot. You’ll be fine.”

7. Sharon Stone, 59 years old

“I believe that if you stay true to yourself and you are kind to other people, you become prettier with age.”

6. Jane Seymour, 66 years old

“The secret of my youth is good genes, the right diet, and the fact that I have no bad habits. And I use only rainwater to wash my hair. It makes it very shiny. However, once photographers told me that they were tired of hiding the bags under my eyes, so I just asked surgeons to remove them.”

5. Andie MacDowell, 59 years old

Andie MacDowell believes that you can always look half your age if you enjoy your life. She benefits from living on the ranch and spending a lot of time in beautiful nature.

4. Yasmina Rossi, 62 years old

You don’t need any strict diets or any hard physical exercises. I listen to my body. Sometimes, the body needs to be lazy, and I give it a good rest: I eat anything I want (almost), and I do yoga. If I don’t let my body relax, it will stop me with an illness or a cold. I never understood it when I was young, but now I listen to my body and respect it.”

3. Christie Brinkley, 64 years old

You can say that Christie experimented with many diets since the beginning of her path, but the only thing that proved useful was having a healthy and balanced diet.

2. Susan Lucci, 71 years old

Susan is often asked to reveal her youth secret and the answer has always been the same:

“These are the things that everyone knows about: healthy food and physical exercises! I have been doing pilates for 18 years now. It has become my religion.”

1. Ernestine Shepherd, 81 years old

Ernestine Shepherd is the lodes bodybuilder in the world today and a Guinness World Record holder. She was already quite old when she decided to make some changes.

You have to have an iron will and unbelievable discipline to be able to wake up every day at 2:20 a.m. and staying active throughout the day. Of course she works out and eats healthy, but she never has taken any nutritional supplements.

So, which one of these ladies has inspired you the most and why?


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