9-Year-Old Girl Calls A Charity Organization Begging For Work To Feed Her Family

9-Year-Old Girl Calls A Charity Organization Begging For Work To Feed Her Family

A 9-year-old girl has made a heartbreaking call to the ‘Humanity Torbay’ to beg for work so that she could feed her family.

In the conversation with the charity worker, the girl has told that her father recently lost his job due to delayed Universal Credit payments, and her mother had died.

The family was struggling to meet ends with not much food around the house, so the little girl offered to clean and make beds in the charity organization, so she could contribute to her family’s poor finances.

The charity’s CEO, Ellie Waugh says that she was brought to tears by this young girl’s heartbreaking offer. She continues:

“The 9-year-old told me: ‘I don’t mind cleaning floors, making beds. My daddy has always worked, and he says you have to work to get things. I’ll do anything I can, so I can buy my brother and sister a Christmas present. I can cook, and I don’t mind working on a Saturday and Sunday or after school.”

“After the call, I just cried. Hearing that is like we’ve gone back to Victorian times.”

After this call, Waugh called the father and in the conversation, she found out that the girl is one of three children and that their mom died years ago. The man was made to wait for 5 weeks before his first Universal Credit payment would be made.

In tears, he says that he is proud but also horrified by what his daughter had to do and grateful for all the people wanting to help.

The organization later sent volunteers to bring the family food and everything they need.

Waugh has called out the Minister for Work and Pensions too look into this case and to see what Universal Credit is doing.

A spokesperson from the Department of Work and Pensions said:

“We will look into this case urgently. No one has to wait for support if they need it before their first Universal Credit payment. Advances have increased to up to 100% and we are paying housing benefit for an additional 2 weeks when people move onto Universal Credit.”


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