A Mother Of Two Shares A Set Of Rules Her Daughters Need To Follow In Her House

A Mother Of Two Shares A Set Of Rules Her Daughters Need To Follow In Her House

We can all agree that raising kids is no easy task, and it’s only a matter of time until parents feel overwhelmed and start thinking if they are raising their kids’ right.

So, to keep things in order most parents create a set of rules that kids need to follow. It’s important to do it right and it can be very helpful to see how others are coping with this task. Kat Zoe Clark is a mother of two beautiful teenage daughters and as it seems she’s been doing a pretty good job of raising them well. Around three months ago she posted a video that was welcomed by many parents so it’s no surprise that it had more than 3 million views.

In the video she shared her set of rules that her daughters need to follow.


1. “So first one is location. Yes, you have to have your location on. Will I check it? Probably not, unless you’re running late.

2. “Honesty is probably my biggest policy in this house. So I expect my kids to be honest with me, and I’m not going to bite their heads off. But I will also do the same for them. So if they ask me a question about my past, I am 100% honest with them and I don’t sugarcoat anything.”

3. “Can my kids go to parties? Yes. General rule of thumb is: If you’re in grade 9, you’re home by 9. If you’re in grade 10, you’re home by 10, and so on…Once you’re 18, I really don’t care when you get home,” she said.

4. “You have to do a sport. So whether that’s dance, skating, surfing, whatever, I don’t care, you have to do something to move your body so you’re not on the phone 24/7.”

5. “I’m actually really relaxed when it comes to school. If my kids want to drop out though, they’ve got to have a business plan or job.”

6. “My girls can have boyfriends, but if I have a problem with their boyfriend, they have to listen to my opinion about them.”

7. And lastly, Kat said that when her kids turn 18 or get a job, they have to pay rent.

Setting some rules is one thing, but getting your kids to follow them can be very challenging, especially if they have a rebellion spirit. So, it’s very important for them to understand the true purpose of the rules and that they were set with good intention. Also parents need to remember to simplify things and make a list of something that is achievable and realistic. Here is a link that can help you as a parent to create structure and also help your kids understand what behaviors are okay and what type of behavior is off-limits.

Most of the people who saw the video agreed with what she had to say, although it seemed that her rule about her kids paying rent after they turn 18 has cause some conversation, with viewers urging her not to make them pay. What do you think?


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