According To A Leading Public Research University THIS Model Has The Perfect Body!

According To A Leading Public Research University THIS Model Has The Perfect Body!

The ‘perfect’ figure of a woman is often defined by the fashion industry, but the University of Texas disagrees. They have provided a study of the specific measurements that a female figure should have, and the actress and model Kelly Brooks appears to fit the hypothetical glass slipper. Let’s take a closer look at her body for scientific purposes and see why she fits the ‘perfect standard’.

Fashion saw Kelly Brook as too fat, even though she is well endowed and a full-figured woman, so she had a hard time finding an agent. The fashion industry didn’t accept her well, as one man in the industry even called her plump.

But she is now more than just a model: she is a movie start and a presenter on the show “Celebrity Juice”. So, how exactly was she determined to have the perfect body?

Scientists compared hundreds of pictures of many women to find the perfect one, and each one of them was compared based on her facial features, hair type, body measurements and age, based on the opinions of the general population and what they found attractive.

The scientists set up a more sophisticated version of ‘hot or not’, and asked participants in the survey to answer if a woman is attractive or not based on the pictures they were shown.

But we all know that beauty is subjective, and the same woman who is beautiful in one person’s eyes can be considered hideous by another person. So what did the researchers use to find the perfect measurements?

They turned up to the golden ratio. The perfect woman is 1.68m tall, with 99-63-91 measurements of bust, weight and hips. 99cm is for the breast circumference, 63 are the kilograms she weighs, and 91cm are the hips circumference and these measurements definitely describe a curvy, full-figured woman.

Even though the results are based on the survey made with people who live today, it all dates back to the ancient humans, who needed to hunt and gather to survive. The future of the humanity depended on reproduction and Brook’s curvy figure is scientifically perfect for bearing children.

And yet, even when scientifically proven, Kelly Brook is still bullied by body shamers. People called her a whale when she posted pictures of her in a bikini in 2017, so she eventually deleted the pictures from her account.

Despite all the hate, she had the perfect advice for any woman in this world: even the “perfect” woman gets hate sometimes. It really dosen`t matter if you have the perfect dimensions and measurements, what really matters is feeling beautiful in your own skin!


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