Actress Justine Bateman Embraces Her Aging Face And Recalibrates ‘Aging Goals’

Actress Justine Bateman Embraces Her Aging Face And Recalibrates ‘Aging Goals’

As much as we all know that aging is the most natural concept of life, people have been trying to ‘stop it’, or at least prolonge it since the dawn of time. The anti-aging market has become a 60 billion dollar industry, and millions of people are spending thousands of dollars on items that would stop the proces.
The reality is that the concept of aging is heavily influenced by pop culture and social media. We constantly see celebrities that seem ‘ageless’ and we compare ourselves to them. For many people, the goal is to ‘age well’, which means looking like they’re not aging at all – thus spending a lot of money to keep the bags and sags, and wrinkles at crinkles away from them.

However, there’s a big difference between a healthy skincare routine and the normal signs of aging – and that’s why the 55-year-old actress and filmmaker Justine Bateman decided to turn the #aginggoals the other way. She started a sort of campaign in which she embraces her face as it is – no avoidance or trying too hard to stop the aging process.

She recently told PEOPLE that because of some fears she had, unrelated to her face, she decided to make them right and herself wrong – so she became ashamed of her face.

She read some criticism regarding her face and how she looks ‘old’, and even though she looked the same the day before as she did the day after, she felt totally different about her face, with the only difference being that she had read the criticism. The unpleasant experience lead her to explore how society sees women and aging, so she decided to put the spotlight on the topic in her book ‘Face: One Square Foor of Skin’. She now truly embraces her face, just the way it is.


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Instead of going against the natural process of aging, she decided to fully embrace it. This is what she told PEOPLE about how she feels about society making people feel like aging is a negative thing:

“I find it wrong that women absorb the idea that faces need to be fixed. That it’s being treated as a matter of fact. I feel that we’ve skipped over the phase where we talk about whether or not we should criticize women’s faces as they get older. I think getting all this plastic surgery is just people pleasing. You don’t want people to criticize you anymore so you appease them. The more you do that, the further away you get away from your true self. It doesn’t work for me. If somebody said to me now we could do some surgery, wouldn’t I be signaling that I’m super insecure? To me, it would.”

We must admit that we totally love this refreshing perspective regarding beauty and aging, and it’s truly heartwarming to see a woman simply accepting her face just as it is. As Bateman put it out herself, maybe we should ‘recalibrate’ the whole #aginggoals and make it more about how we feel than how we look. If anyone is ‘aging well’, it’s the woman that feels like it!

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