After Spending 20 Years Tormenting Gay Teens Conversion Therapy Leader Comes Out As Gay

After Spending 20 Years Tormenting Gay Teens Conversion Therapy Leader Comes Out As Gay

The founder of one of the largest gay conversion therapy programs in the country and the leader of an anti-gay organization for more than 20 years, McKrae Game, has just come out as gay.

The 51-year-old started Truth Ministry back in 1999, which was later rebranded as Hope for Wholeness, in South Carolina. The organization aims to suppress or completely change a person’s LGBTQ+ orientation through counseling, interventions, or ministry.
He was since fired from the organization.

He shared in a recent interview with the Post and Courier that he struggled more with trying to deny his attraction to men than being able to accept his attractions and say that he’s a gay man.
He now says that he has more peace than he has ever had.

He received counseling when he was young in an attempt to overcome his attraction towards men, and he eventually married a woman to suppress his feelings. He said that his wife, Julie, was “understanding”.

He now says that conversion therapy is not just a lie, but very harmful.
Game was born and raised in a Southern Baptist home in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and he was introduced to a counselor by his mother. The counselor claimed that he’s gay because his dad hadn’t invested enough in him as a child, and his classmates often picked on him, calling him “McGay”.

He shared that he was having panic attacks, and he was freaking out emotionally.
His brain was telling him that he was going in the wrong direction, but his body was telling him otherwise.

Game then went on a retreat for people that are gay and don’t want to be, so he joined an organization whose mission was to “help” gay Christians become straight.

He admitted that the organization “harmed generations of people” now, almost 2 decades later, and he was ousted by the board of directors for that. He shared a lengthy post in which he recounted his experiences as a conversion therapy minister, in which he shares that he regrets where he had caused harm.

Gay conversion therapy has been banned in more than a dozen states, and the practice has been repeatedly condemned by the American Psychological Association.


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