All-Female Indigenous Firefighting Crew From Australia Works Non-Stop To Protect Their Land

All-Female Indigenous Firefighting Crew From Australia Works Non-Stop To Protect Their Land

The bushfires that are still blazing in Australia are of an unthinkable scale, and the whole world is combating the flames. However, one particular crew caught the eye of many, and it’s the Lakes Tyers Aboriginal Trust Country Fire Authority. It’s an all-women, all-indigenous group that was set up 20 years ago, and fearlessly goes against the flames.

Lake Tyers has been suffering a lot from fires, so Charmaine and the Country Fire Authority Brigade are taking care of their land.

Charmaine told Now To Love that things look pretty desperate at the moment, and they’re in extreme conditions. The situation is not good.
She added that the crew will work around the clock, and they hope for a quiet summer. However, they fear the worst.

She added that they’re the lifeline if anything goes wrong, and they have an important role to play. She believes that people are generally very grateful for what they do, and it’s not that men aren’t welcome in their group.
She noted that every once in a while a man comes along in the group, but they don’t seem to last too long, and she believes that they don’t like taking orders from her.

The group was created by the 52-year-old Charmaine Sellings, who’s in charge of the group, and her two friends Rhonda Thorpe and Marjorie Proctor. They asked the CFA to train them up to protect the culturally significant land 20 years ago, and soon, they started knocking on their neighbors’ doors, looking for volunteers. Eight women signed up for the inaugural brigade, and they were first called the Banana Women because of their bright yellow outfits.

To the 8 women and to the others who joined later, their work is not only about protecting the community, but preserving their holy land and their story as well.


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