All Women Under 25 Will Have Access to Free Birth Control in France

All Women Under 25 Will Have Access to Free Birth Control in France

France introduced free birth control for all women under the age of 25 from this Saturday (01.08.2022), and expends their scheme which targets young women that don’t take contraception because they can’t afford it.

The scheme covers the pill, IUDs, contraceptive patches, and other methods that are composed of steroid hormones. According to reports, it would benefit over three million women in the country.
Namely, contraception was already free for minors in France, in addition to other European countries such as Germany, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
The UK also makes several forms of contraception that’ll be free for all.

The extension to women under 25 in France was announced back in September last year after surveys showed that many young women don’t use contraception for financial reasons.
The move is just a part of a series of measures that President Emmanuel Macron’s government took to boost women’s rights in the country and fight youth poverty.

This is what the association En Avant Tours stated of the move:

“Between 18 and 25-years-old, women are very vulnerable because they lose a lot of rights compared to when they were minors and are very precarious economically.”

However, they said that more has to be done.

Sociologist and human rights expert Louise Delavier said that the measure doesn’t resolve the imbalance in the contraceptive burden between men and women.

Meanwhile, in countries such as the US, the free contraception is coming back after campaigners for religious rights.
Namely, most people with health insurance had access to free birth control with Obama’s Obamacare, but Trump scrapped the measure and allowed employers to opt-out of providing contraception coverage on religious grounds.

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