“Alt-Right” Women Are Upset For Being Trolled By “Alt-Right” Men

“Alt-Right” Women Are Upset For Being Trolled By “Alt-Right” Men

Self-described “Ethno Nationalist” Tara McCarthy recently wrote on Twitter that women in the “alr-right” are “constantly harassed by low-level anonymous trolls that try to put them in their place”.
It was followed by a moment of revelation that was probably well-known to anyone else: she wrote that “the ultimate goal seems to be to take them off the internet”.

McCarthy made it clear by the end of her thread that these trolls are part of the “alt-right”, and that the problem is not that “there are trolls on the internet”, but that people who proclaim to be on their side are trying to take down women in their in-group.

Another self-described “conservative woman” apparently had a problem with the underlying culture of her movement, and she responded to the backlash she received for “pushing traditional family values” and trying to tear down feminism in a video titled “Why I’m Not Married”.

Lauren Southern said that she’s not trying to sell the idea that herself, as a 22-year-old, needs to be married right now for the sake of traditionalism and not being a degenerate.
What she found completely shocking was the lack of understanding of nuance.

She added that women should be able to choose their own life path and not be attacked for it.

Is it just me, or this sounds A LOT like what we’ve been shouting for decades now?


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