Alyssa Milano Called For Abstinence Until “Heartbeat Bill” Is Overturned

Alyssa Milano Called For Abstinence Until “Heartbeat Bill” Is Overturned

Alyssa Milano, the 46-year-old actress that has been instrumental in the #MeToo movement called on her large social media following to abstain from being intimate with their partners until the restrictive abortion law, dubbed as the “heartbeat bill”, is overturned.

The bill makes it illegal for women to terminate pregnancy after a heartbeat of the fetus is detected in the womb, which is usually around the six-week mark.

Milano urged women on Twitter to abstain until they get their “bodily autonomy back”.
She wrote that our reproductive rights are being erased, and we cannot risk pregnancy until we have legal control over our own bodies.

She asked people to join her by not having intercourse, and she asked them to pass it on.

Her tweet has been liked more than 17k times since, and more than 14k people replied. The hashtag has been on trending since Saturday.

The reaction, however, has been mixed. Some person asked her not to feed the narrative that women are providers, and men are consumers of intercourse.
Others said that bribing men for equal rights with access to our bodies is now how feminism works, and it makes it seem like intimate intercourse is something women do as a favor to men.

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