An Immigrant Was Rudely Rejected From A Job Application So His Daughter Made Sure They Regret It

An Immigrant Was Rudely Rejected From A Job Application So His Daughter Made Sure They Regret It

Human Resources Manager is expected, out of all people, to know how to treat humans and respect them. Well, not this one. A Vietnamese immigrant named Minh Huynh with a relevant job experience applied for a job, but the HR Manager Bruce Peterson sent back a rather rude and aggressive email. The email has ignited a Twitter storm, and people got talking about the difficulties that many immigrants face.

Asking for a certain level of English is a perfectly legitimate requirement, but there was no need for this response, which lacks professionalism and could easily destroy the confidence of the guy who just wanted to do his best to support his family.

Emily, Minh’s daughter, was shocked when she saw the email, so she shared it on Twitter to highlight the discrimination that many immigrants face. She said that her dad isn’t that ‘hurt’ by it, but many Asian immigrant parents deal with this issue all the time. “They brush it off because they don’t understand the depth of the situation. People always use micro-aggression with or without knowing they do which is a big concern when it comes to the treatment of future citizens. I’m just disgusted.”, said Emily.

Her tweets opened up an important discussion, and the unwanted publicity that Mr Peterson and his company received by the viral tweet resulted in him losing his job. It’s a positive sign that this kind of blatant discrimination and unprofessionalism won’t be tolerated, so if you deal with people, don’t be a rude a$$hole and expect to get away with it.

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This is Emily and her father Minh Huynh

She was shocked when her dad received this email from the HR Manager in the company he had applied to

Some took action after he saw Emily’s tweets

And here’s what Emily and her father received after:

People responded with huge support and offered help to Emily’s family


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