Anti-Vaxx Mom Has A Major Meltdown After Her Son Gets Vaccinated At School

Anti-Vaxx Mom Has A Major Meltdown After Her Son Gets Vaccinated At School

Opposition to vaccines dates way, way back when Reverend Edmund Massey in England called them “diabolical operations” in his sermon in 1772. He thought they are “the dangerous and sinful practice of inoculation”, but even now, when we are well aware of how vaccines have contributed to decreasing the rates of common childhood diseases (and even wiped out some diseases), some people still think that they are bad.

Reddit user Twipzi recently posted a conversation they had with their anti-vaxx mom after he got vaccinated in school because he feared of suspension, and her meltdown looks absolutely ridiculous.

The teenage student even went on to share a photo of the immunization notice they received.

The best way to battle the anti-vaxx movement is by putting a strong emphasis on helping parents understand the facts and figures, help them develop trust in the health professionals, and even legislating or mandating vaccination.

The Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) does exactly that, and Ontario students attending school are required to have up-to-date immunizations against designated diseases. If the students fail to comply with this act, they will be suspended for a year.

This is what people had to say about this whole situation:


If she works in medicine she is intentionally posing a health hazard and should be sued for intentionally causing pain and suffering and even including the possibility of attempted murder charges for intentionally exposing critically ill patients to diseases that could kill them.

There will always be two sides on this subject.
Vaccines are not always good, not because of the virus they contain but because of other additives. And it is proved that many people even if they took the vaccine their body didn’t react to the virus but retained those bad additives, so there is no point of doing them if so.
Also they kind of kept some diseases out of society but vaccines like those for hepatitis for example, why are they useful? Let’s wash our hands more and keep ourselves clean and we won’t have this disease. Why vaccines for cold and flu? People live with these but Pharmaceutical industry needs to sell. And about this teenager… I don’t see why he had to publish a conversation with his Mom, if it is truly real.

Dude people die from the flu every year. And Hepatitis is often sexually transmitted, or other bodily fluid contact (contaminated needles, blood transfusion, ect.) washing your hands wont help. Hepatitis can progress to liver scaring and liver cancer. And there isn’t a vaccine for the common cold.

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