Artist Debunks a Myth That Women Speak Twice as Much as Men

Artist Debunks a Myth That Women Speak Twice as Much as Men

You’ve probably heard this very questionable urban myth which claims that women speak twice as much as men. But like most urban legends, it spreads mouth to mouth without giving much of a solid argument to back it up.

And Abraham Piper, an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, took it to his 839.6k followers on TikTok to debunk the myth and explain where it is coming from. Abraham’s illuminating video amassed 1.9M views as many viewers felt like the myth was thoroughly busted.

It turns out, all it took was one, according to Abraham, “mega-famous conservative Christian psychologist” stating “research makes it clear” that women speak twice more words than men. Thanks to Abraham, we have an excellent reminder that things should always be taken with at least a grain of salt and sometimes, a bag of it.

I’ve heard, you’ve heard it, everyone has probably heard it for a thousand times: Women speak twice as much as men. This is an age-old myth that dates way back, but the reality is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the facts!
The myth was recently debunked on social media, and we’re very grateful for it! Namely, TikToker Abraham Piper, who happens to be a Minneapolis artist, explained how the myth originated and why it doesn’t hold ground. The video has since been viewed more than 2 million times, and he busted the myth like no other!

In the video, Abraham notes that all it took was one ‘mega-famous conservative Christina psychologist’ to state that ‘research makes it clear that women speak twice more words than men’. Well, Abraham cleared the facts for all of us, and you can watch the video for yourself below.


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This is how the public reacted to it:

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