Artist Receives Huge Backlash For Painting God As A Black Woman

Artist Receives Huge Backlash For Painting God As A Black Woman

Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” is one of the most famous works of art ever created, and no one would argue with that.

However, when Harmonia Rosales, the Chicago-based Afro-Cuban painter decided to create her own version of “The Creation of Adam” in 2017, she received a lot of backlashes. The reason? She reimagined God and the First Man as a black woman.

The New York Post reported that her version depicts the deity not as a white-haired man, but as a black woman, reaching to touch another black woman.

However, even though her painting attracted thousands of likes on social media when she posted it, it also sparked a lot of controversy. Many critics described her work as “disgusting”, a “desecration of an artistic masterpiece” and a “cultural appropriation”.

Rosales said at the time that she wanted to take a significant painting, a painting that is widely recognized and consciously or subconsciously conditions us to see whiter male figures as powerful and authoritative and she wanted to flip the script and establish a counter-narrative.

She added that white figures are a staple in classic art featured in major museums, and they are the “masters” of masterpieces. According to her, it only makes sense to paint God as a black woman because all human life came out of Africa, the Garden of Eden and all.

Still, the idea of a black female God got many people angry, and some people even criticized her for basing her painting on Michelangelo’s work, rather than creating something new.


Sounds reasonable to me. The only reason the “christian” church exists at all is women kept the churches clean, set up, taught. Etc. Mother Earth rocks!

This is really great! Art should be free to express what the artist wishes. I applaud her, and I have to say it takes quite a bit of talent to mimic another artist’s work to such a degree; your own art style is what comes naturally, but mimicking every detail of another artist takes a bit of work, and experience. I also love art that has thought behind it, this has a great deal of that. Wonderful.

God is black – -in the scripture why was Jesus taken to Egypt when he was born? To hide amongst the black. So if he was white, how would he have hidden from Herod?

I don’t think Herod had power in Egypt.

So these people were upset with William P Young doing the very same thing in his book, The Shack AND the movie where God was played by Octavia Spencer? Oh wait, no. Not at all.

I love that the spark is passed from an older woman to a younger one. Because that’s the way it is, more often than not.

Beautiful work.

Creation cannot happen without woman. Womb is the abode of creation. Thanks for bringing it in. Only a black thinker can relate to the soil this way. Great work. Precisely for that, one cannot miss the courage of those three women present at the crucifixion. Only a woman knows the agony of the womb.

To those offended by such a beautiful work, let me ask you this: Who or what is truly responsible for your suffering? I would suggest that it is you yourself, and your bigotry, and that getting over such arrogance, your own deeply-rooted sense of privilege and superiority, will contribute mightily to your happiness.

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This site erased seems to have erased my comment and prohibited me from replying on fb when I strongly disagreed on the paint. Didn’t use language. Just wanted to show how one-sided n propagated things are using second comment.. too bad our kids have to grow up like this. Peace out

just so. “cultural appropriation” flailing hands, oh the nerve. only white people can do that

Thanks to Ms. Rosales for art in service to truth, never popular with those who serve power

Well, when God created mankind (human beings) according to Genesis, God created them in Gods own image, male and female (Gen1:27 f. ex.) so… God is both male and female or non gendered. And in Gen 5:2 it is said that God named them both adam (the hebrew word for mankind, also used as a proper name). So it is in fact not an incorrect interpretation to paint God as a woman (God – not the incarnated God – can not be pictured) nor to paint adam as a woman (since God gave both the man and the woman the name adam) even if it is not, shall we say, the most common interpretation. I say go for it! This is just a broader perspective of interpreatation of the Bible

We all have different images of God. If your imagination creates an image that is comforting to you, help you to be a better person, who am to say you’re wrong?

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