Australian Women’s Soccer Players Close Gender Pay Gap And Now Earn The Same As Men

Australian Women’s Soccer Players Close Gender Pay Gap And Now Earn The Same As Men

The Football Federation Australia announced a few days ago a landmark deal that will see Australian women’s soccer team, the Matildas, receive the same benefits as the Socceroos.

This is a world-first agreement, and not only that the pay will be matched, but the Matildas will also take an equal split of commercial revenues as their male counterparts.

According to the FFA, players are entitled to “40 percent of prize money on qualifying for a FIFA World Cup, representing an increase from 30 percent” under the new agreement, and if the team reaches the knockout stage of the tournament, the share of prize money increases to 50 percent.

The difference in pay between men’s and women’s professional footballers has been in the spotlight ever since the U.S. women’s team sued the US Soccer governing body against gender disparity in earnings and working conditions.

The U.S. women’s team received only $4 million for winning the World Cup in France, out of the tournament’s total prize-money pool of $30 million. However, 2018’s men’s World Cup winner France received $38 million from a pool of $400 million.

A campaign was launched by the Matildas to pressure global soccer governing body FIFA to provide equal prize-money at World Cups ahead of the tournament in France earlier this year.
FFA Chairman, Chris Nikou, said that player remuneration will be directly tied to the revenues generated by the Australian National Teams for the first time, and it will create a sustainable financial model that incentivizes players and FFA to collaborate and grow the commercial pie together.

To add to that, the investment will expand to the youth and Cerebral Palsy teams too.

Hundreds of people took it to Twitter to congratulate the Matildas on the historic moment for Australian and world sport.


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