Author Writes Why No Women Ever Should Apologize For Taking Up Space

Author Writes Why No Women Ever Should Apologize For Taking Up Space

The rules for men and women have been different for just about everything in this world, and it seems like celebrating a sporting victory is no exception.
For example, men are allowed to celebrate their victories however they want, but when women do it in the same manner, it’s seen as arrogant.

For example, look at Piers Morgan’s tweet about Megan Rapinoe.

He tweeted over the weekend that Ms. Rapinoe sure does love herself, and he noted that he couldn’t wait to see his Lionesses dent that “stupendous ego”. (Fun fact: England lost to the U.S.A 2:1 in the Semi-Finals match).

And while most people just roll their eyes and continue with their day whenever Morgan says something, best-selling author Jennifer Weiner decided to share a few chosen words about how offensive opinions like this are to women.

Check out Jennifer Weiner’s powerful Facebook post below:

Morgan’s tweet gets to the heart of double standards: women must never be seen to brag or to “over-celebrate” their accomplishments because we should feel “thankful” they allowed us to play at all.

Weiner applauded Rapinoe and said that more women should celebrate in whatever way they feel like celebrating. We should be showing our daughters that they have as much right to walk in this world as our sons, and we must tell them that their victories matter just as much!


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